Welcome to my website!

Born (1960) and raised in the eastern part of Haarlem, close to Amsterdam, I grew up in an open minded and typical Dutch Protestant environment. Fascinated by the Gospel, and in particular by the calling of the Church to relate Gospel life to man and world, I turned to believer’s baptism (1978) and became a Baptist follower of Jesus. Subsequently the desire or ‘calling’ to study Theology and to become a minister gradually grew and, happily, also materialized.

After propedeutic studies at Leiden University, I married (1982) Jenny Grotenhuis and finished theological studies in Leuven, Belgium (Ba, and Lic./Ma). We have two adult daughters. After finishing a second Master in Theology at Utrecht University (a major in New Testament) we left Belgium for Friesland, the upper northern part of the Netherlands, to become co-pastor of a Baptist Church there (1991). While pastoring a
second Church, in Holland, I finished a doctorate in early Christian literature at Groningen University (2003).

Teaching, preaching, pastoring  and writing together form the core business of my life and ministry, and it’s a privilege to accomplish this in an academic setting, currently at VU Amsterdam, at the Baptist Seminary in Amsterdam. My academic passion and commitment is to enable students to develop ministerial as well as scientific skills, and to stimulate and carry out research into the field of Baptist history, life and thinking, and into the field Early Christian texts and theology.




Full Professor at the Faculty of Religion and Theology, VU University Amsterdam

The James Wm. McClendon Chair for Baptistic and Evangelical Theologies

Lecturer of Theology and Historical Theology at the Dutch Baptist Seminary, Amsterdam

Fellow Researcher Centre for the Study of Early Christianity, Amsterdam/Tilburg

Fellow Researcher at the Herman Bavinck Centre for Reformed and Evangelical Theology, VU University Amsterdam